I am a UX/UI designer with a passion for creating beautiful and functional designs that have a sparkle in them."

"Hi, I'm Katarína! Welcome to my portfolio!

My Work

UX/UI Case Study
UX/UI Case Study
UX/UI Case Study
Salad Paradise

A detailed case study of a UX/UI design project for a food delivery mobile app.

Web Design
Travel Blog
Brand Identity
Aeria Studio

The brand identity design for the aerial acrobatics studio is reflecting the essence of the thrilling art form, yet peaceful as the art itself.

Digital Art
Textile Print Design
Photo Manipulation
Poster Assigment
Fashion Design

Overlook of my desgin aproach directed towars series of fashion collections

Series of set and costume design solution for theatre and film production.

Set & Costume Design

A case study in UX/UI design for an unique app which enables easier tracking of our daily healthy habits.

The goal of this case study was to create an intuitive and user-friendly interface that would make managing finances simple and accessible for users. We paid close attention

About me

My name is Katarína Klimentová and I am a passionate UX/UI designer with attention to detail. I admire and create art in many different forms, from UI design, graphic design and web design, to fashion design, set design and painting. I have studied art and design in Italy, Austria and Slovakia and I am always excited to learn more.

I understand the importance of crafting cohesive and meaningful experiences for users. My proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite, Figma, Wordpress, among other tools, helps me to create unique designs and prototypes.

My hobbies include gymnastics, embroidery, arts and craft of any kind and spending time with my cats.

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